About Bristol Wedding Photographer Nick Church

Photo by Charlie Church

My approach to weddings creates natural, contemporary images. I avoid clichés: each wedding is unique. 

I am a calming influence on the day, and keep things relaxed which makes for no rushed, awkward poses. Just you, your friends and family enjoying your celebration.

I'm based in Bristol, UK, but also travel further afield for weddings. Sometimes much further afield!


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My Approach to Wedding Photography

Some of the best photos can never be planned as they are a combination of people, events, and random chance. But to capture these, you need a photographer with the artistic vision to spot these opportunities, and also the confidence to jump on them without disrupting any of the day's plan. Keeping an close eye out for these opportunities is natural for me, and my portfolio is full of the results!

During your wedding day, I will work in a variety of ways to get the images I know you will love. 

  • During Wedding Preparations, I ensure that you and your closest family and friends are captured in a documentary style, ensuring that the calm or chaos is accurately reflected in your photos. If you have children, then this is a fantastic opportunity to get some shots of them too before the day unfolds.
  • The Ceremony is shot with subtlety and professionalism to minimise distractions. I typically use a long lens and keep out of the way to let the natural, powerful emotions come through. One of my favourite bits of this part of the day is to capture the bride coming up the aisle, while her fiancé awaits, with tension and excitement.
  • I adopt a documentary style when capturing images of guests as this is the most true form of photography. Capture a roar or laughter, or a warm hug between father and daughter is better than any pose a photographer could construct. I let the events unfold, and ensure I am there to capture them with stunning photos that remind you of every part of the day, and some parts that you did not know even happened!
  • I love to get some shots of the two of you, and I do this in a way that will ensure you remain relaxed and natural - lots of us do not really like having our photos taken, and I am known for making this easy and relaxed. I stand back, give you some time, and let the connections between you do the talking.

My background in Fine Art Photography

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Before I become hooked with Wedding Photography, I was passionate about fine art photography, and this is something I keep up to this day, although most of my time is of course devoted to weddings. Using my artistic background in this way though ensures I am on top of my game when it comes to weddings, and my use of composition, editing and colour is definitely influenced by my fine art work.

My Fine Art Photography work can be viewed and purchased here:


I have also had a career in Software Engineering and Project Management and the latter is a very useful background to how I work at weddings. I ensure that all the planning has been done before your wedding to ensure that things run smoothly for you, and I become a calming influence on the day. This planning is also really important as it allows me space to be creative and adaptive to whatever opportunities arise to get the most stunning shots.