Nick Church Photography: 2017 in Review


2017 has been a rather busy one for Nick Church Photography, and I have loved every amazing, emotional, stressful and hilarious minute of it!

Twelve months ago, as we entered 2017, I would lying if I said I had a masterplan and knew what the year held in store. With an accelerating 2015 and 2016 behind me, 2017 weddings came flooding in and I soon found myself on an unstoppable, exciting ride to a destination that was unknown. What I did know was that this journey somehow felt totally ‘right’ and, unlike the time I proclaimed mini-disk as the future of music, this gut-instinct was spot-on.


I have worked with amazing couples, and it has been a genuine privilege to provide photography for their wedding day. I am thrilled with the positive feedback I have received from them, and I am delighted to have repaid the faith couples take when selecting a photographer for one of life’s most important events. I love meeting and working with people that are different in so many ways, all with unique stories bringing them to where we sit discussing their wedding. Sometimes they are childhood sweethearts, sometimes they are second time around and in some cases both! But what they all share is that they are planning a public, loving commitment to each other and there are few better places to be than letting my clients talk excitedly about their wedding day as I scribble down everything trying to catch it all.

I have also met some generous, collaborative and inspiring professionals that all care about their craft as much as I do. I am proud to be working in a field that has such creativity and openness running through it.

Other highlights for me was to be featured in Professional Photo magazine both as ‘Rising Star’ and through subsequent articles and interviews. Lately I have even been contributing my own articles as a guest-writer which is hugely exciting; I love to write and it’s another creative outlet that I’m embracing. I have also written guest blogs for some products that I regard very highly: studio management software/life-savers Light Blue Software ( and JPEG Mini the experts in visually-lossless compression of JPEG files ( saving photographers bandwidth and storage all over the world. Finally, shooting England and Leicester RFC Jonny May's wedding was a great experience and made me the envy of all my peers that are (I have to admit) more informed rugby fans than I.

Rugby Union fans: Name the players! Put your answers in the comments section

Rugby Union fans: Name the players! Put your answers in the comments section

All this has of course meant that I’ve been insanely busy, and the support of Dawn (my partner in crime), family, friends and the kids has been fundamental in allowing 2017 to ‘happen’ for Nick Church Photography.

Selecting my favourite ‘best of’ images for 2017 has been hard, but much fun; so many moments and so many great couples, families and friends. The Nick Church Photography style is to aim for each picture to have a story or a feeling behind it and to present that in a beautiful scene from the wedding day. If I can show all that through a single shot then this is a perfect picture for me. The photos I have selected all have that vision behind them, and there is no coincidence that these are also the shots that I know the couples love.

My view for the road ahead for 2018 is much clearer, with a nearly full year of weddings, both in the UK and overseas, and some emerging plans in the pipeline that I am really excited about. Watch this space…

Bristol Fashion... a touch of class with Anne & Simon

My last wedding of the year was on 10th December for the lovely Anne and Simon. This was always going to be a wedding that was great for shooting opportunities. Hotel du Vin in Bristol is a classy boutique hotel, but when added with a Red London Bus as transport to/from the Church and some perfectly timed snow flurries, we were on to a winner. 

Each section of the day was, despite the arctic conditions, warm, happy and fun. Anne and Simon have a great strong and loving family around them and it was a pleasure to be plonked in the middle of this lovely lot for the day. 

The Vicar Rod was concerned with there not being enough space for either me or the videographer to be down near our couple so we were banished to the heavens (the first floor). Frustrating, but understandable (I guess).

On exit from the Church the snow started again right on cue, to give us a natural/synthetic confetti combo!

Another hilarious journey back to Hotel du Vin on our trusty bus got us back in one piece, just about and the day continued it's course. The staff at Hotel du Vin were on point as always and the day developed into a relaxed event, with roaring log-fires and lots of cava. Three of the staff turned out to be Singing Waiters and did their duty perfectly; getting the crowd active and dancing and really engaged. Brilliant!!

Here is a selection of my favourite pictures, which tell the story of the day.... Enjoy!

Getting Technical

A return to my technical section! This wedding was nearly at the shortest day in the UK. So I was keen to use my new MagMod kit. This provides an easy way to modify the flash output, most commonly to disperse it more, as an alternative to bouncing flash. Hotel du Vin is a beautiful old building and as such there are lots of small spaces that do not have convenient ceilings use to bounce flash. The MagMod MagSphere did brilliantly well here, and probably saved the day on a number of shots that would otherwise have to be direct flash. All in all very impressed. Next job in the new year is to replace my flash units. I would like to get a set that incorporate wireless triggers, but not spend £3k on Nikon kit. Current front-runner is Godox... I'll let you know how it goes. 


Two Weddings - it's quite the latest thing you know!?

Nick and Lara are very cool - simple as that. This was evident from the minute they bought me a beer when we first met, and from this point onwards I decided I was going to let them work with me!

As we talked about their wedding, I was already sensing that this was going to be a good one. The venue (Guyers House, stunning), the Humanist outdoor ceremony at the end of the venue’s amazing foxglove-lined avenue, Lara’s designer dress from Eliza Jane Howell and her and Nick being such lovely, relaxed people was going to make for something special. Good news for my blog too I thought, but that’s what’s so amazing about weddings; whatever plan you make, keep it flexible as you never know what will happen on the day.... and we definitely didn't!

Wedding Removals Plc are going from strength to strength in a competitvive market sector.

Wedding Removals Plc are going from strength to strength in a competitvive market sector.

This is good point to mention that I am going to start writing longer blog articles, with many more photos so that the story of the day really shines through. It also gives future clients a better view of a whole wedding and the consistent, high quality of photography that they can expect from Nick Church Photography on their day.

The situation before Lara and Nick's ceremony was perfect. The weather was warm but not hot, Guyers House was looking incredible with all the flowers in bloom and everyone was friendly and happy for the occasion. Nick and Lara are surrounded by amazing people, and this really shows in how they are. The only possible fly in the ointment was the singer that was due to perform a solo during the ceremony was stuck in traffic. As I always say in these situations, if that’s the worst thing that happens today, then we’re doing 'ok'. We pressed on.

The outdoor ceremony was just stunning. As Lara walked up the flower-lined avenue with Phuzz, to gentle accompanied piano music the emotions were running high. My lens-cleaning cloth came in handy while I had a quick dab at the old peepers which were filling up - hayfever I think. 

In the Nick (and Lara) of time...

In the Nick (and Lara) of time...

Our very professional musician arrived literally on cue, and without missing a beat or looking out of breath, launched into a lovely solo piece as the rings were passed around and blessed ('warmed') by the guests. 'Well, this is all just flipping lovely, isn't it?' I thought, until I looked at the horizon. It would appear that we were situated two fields away from Mordor! There was some terrifying clouds coming our way, and before I could subtly tell our Humanist celebrant to crack on sharpish, the wind was whipping up a storm. Hats, dresses and perfect hair was getting blown all over the place, but was our Humanist Celebrant Pamela phased by this? Nope. No panic, no rushing, no fuss. “Everyone grab a chair, we’re going inside for another wedding”, she ordered, and that was that. She is brilliant!

So while everyone picked up their chair and rushed back up the avenue back to Guyers House, I was busy snapping this brilliant scene unfolding, and definitely not falling into a bush in the excitement - that would be unprofessional.

Back inside Guyers House, Pamela hosted ceremony Number Two. Continuing on from the last, there was a ‘Tying the Knot’ where the couple's hands are literally tied together in union, which set the emotions running high again. Everyone looked a bit flushed and weather-worn, except Nick and Lara, who looked happy, calm and totally in love. 

Moving outside after this (second) ceremony, it was like it had all been a dream; you could not imagine a warmer, calmer, sunnier day. The rest of the event went without a hitch, and the venue and late summer sun gave us the opportunities to get some amazing photos of the Nick and Lara and guests.

It was a privilege to be part of this day, and one I will not forget. I hope the following pictures tell the story, and do the day the justice it deserves. 

Venue: Guyers House (

Celebrant: Pamala Woodford (

Dress: Eliza Jane Howell ( from

Flowers: The Great British Florist (

Bridal Jewellery: Ivory and Co (

Sophie and JP's Wedding in Cheltenham and Gloucester

Despite the title, Sophie and JP did not get married in a building society, but in two lovely venues in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

A large section of JP's family had come over from France for the wedding, and they were given a typical welcome from the British Weather: Overcast, then torrential rain, then scorching sunshine all in the space of an hour. I'm sure this summer weather we are having while the rest of Europe swelters in heat is to do with Brexit, anyway, moving on.

Their ceremony was in All Saint's Church in Cheltenham, which is a jaw-dropping hidden gem of a church. The huge Victorian Gothic interior provided an incredible backdrop, and the sun streaming through the high windows created some gorgeous photos of them both. Rev. Nick was brilliant; his relaxed, sincere and a great sense of humour set the perfect mood for the day ahead.

Priors Tithe Barn in Brockworth was yet another undiscovered secret (by me at least) - beautiful 15th Century Barn, Farmhouse and secluded gardens. JP and Sophie were really good sports, giving all my crazy ideas a go, and I am delighted with the pictures we got. Below is a selection of my favourites...

My huge congratulations to JP and Soph - with thanks for making Nick Church Photography part of their day.

Kelly and Laurence at Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury

I met Kelly and Laurence about 6 months before the wedding at the consultation meeting that's part of my wedding packages. I was struck then about what a lovely couple this was and knew that we'd work together really well.

Great Tythe Barn is a gorgeous venue too, with a really beautiful ceremony room for Kelly to walk into with her Dad, with old stone walls and a lit canopy of twinkling fairly lights above.

Kelly and Laurence get gold stars for patience while I got some shots setup, but with plenty of cava and love in the air, it was all great. My approach is usually to get a scene setup, so I know what composition I'm looking for and then get my couples to walk into it naturally with no guidance on poses or anything else. For me this gets the most natural shots, and I'm so happy with this lot. Below are just some of the highlights - from midway through editing:

Daniel and Laura at Guyers House, Wiltshire

Daniel and Laura are funny, smart and great fun to be around. Like me :-), so I'd been really looking forward to shooting their wedding at Guyers House. 

Fun, bubbly and gorgeous, Laura is a Librarian to end all the stereotypes and had brought her work with her to this wedding as it had a subtle theme of books and literature. Rather than flowers and favours on the tables, modern classic and suspense novels were the centre-pieces and these were for the guests to take away as a gift. For those guests able to read, this was a fantastic idea (joke - all guests were, or at least seemed, fully literate and intellectual)

Dan and Laura are one of those couples that come across as best friends as well as lovers, partners and now husband and wife. They were generally cracking up at something at almost every part of the day, and this gave such a fun element that I sometimes forgot I was working due to having such a lovely time!

Still, despite that I managed to fire off a few shots, and the pictures below are some of my favourites from the set. At Guyers House there is an avenue of Foxgloves that in the late sunshine on this particular day started glowing bright orange as the sun went down which gave me some of my favourite shots ever! Just goes to show, don't plan things in too much detail as the best shots just happen.

Congratulations Daniel and Laura, thank you for making me a part of your day.


Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Review

I have been a very happy user of the original version of this lens, let's call it the 'G1', and it had delivered performance that for the price, I found to me outstanding and a worthy alternative to the Nikon equivalent glass.

Can't argue with the older version of this lens, maybe a bargain now?.

Can't argue with the older version of this lens, maybe a bargain now?.

The only areas I felt lacking was a slight decentering issue that has been present since new and a rather pedestrian focus across the full length. Neither of these were deal-breakers for me; the wedding images I was getting were amazing. But that's not to say that I was not interested when Tamron announced a new version of the lens that appeared to have these areas improved. 

This review is more of a comparison between the old and new Tamron lenses, as I don't have a huge amount of experience using other lenses in this length!



Right away you notice that this is a solid piece of engineering. Tamron have included weather resistance with this lens, and there is a rubberised coating to the all-metal construction. This and the choice of all metal compared to the plastic parts of the old lens means that it feels simply amazing. Completely rugged and practical, and even a step up from the previous version which is praise indeed..

I did find the zoom ring to be rather firm. While this does make the lens feel even more solid, it is slightly on the workmanlike side. There would be no smooth zooming in video with this lens, although the length is not an obvious choice for videographers. For my purposes it's no big deal. 

I will come onto the button functions later, but while we're looking at the mechanical design, this is definitely something to highlight. The buttons are of a different design to its older brother, and offer MUCH less protection to being knocked and the settings changed! This is a pretty bad flaw in my opinion, and if you use a Holdfast Style double-strap where the camera is dangling down, it seems the buttons are in exactly the wrong place. The button on/off orientation does not help either; at least if it got knocked into a 'safer' mode (VC On rather than Off or Auto focus rather than Manual) it would be better. Long story short, I have to check the button position every time I take a shot, otherwise it will generally be in Manual Focus mode which for a wedding in bright sunlight where you can't see the screen would be disaster. I'm considering taping the things in position, and I'm not the only one from my discussions with peers on this topic. 


The autofocus is lightning fast and it's not always obvious that it moved, the G2 is always one step ahead of me. This is an area that Tamron engineers have put a lot of love into. This is not a a scientific test, but I'd guess twice as fast from the previous model in practical shooting.

The other area of change on focus is the focussing distance as it is now significantly closer at less than a metre, and this makes it very versatile. Sure, it's no macro lens replacement, but I do find at many weddings, I can do good enough job with this than going back to the bag for my 90mm Macro.


Apart from the position of the sodding things and the likelyhood of being knocked, they are a lovely design. Very resposive and tactile. You have 3 VC modes now - no idea what they all do, comment if you know, but the 'mode 1' is a belter. Less glitchy than the old model, and I am genuinely able to shoot down to 1/20s. The manual focus and auto focus is on the next switch with the final one being for a focus mode. The latter let's you avoid focusing right into infinity to save time in normal use.


The pictures from this lens are as gorgeous as the old version and then some. Minor issues aside I am a huge fan of this lens. Sharpness is even more impressive and the out of focus areas and more creamy and smooth than an already excellent predecessor. Sometimes the bokeh is a little 'nervous', when they represent strong highlights, but it does not really distract from image quality.


Whether you're shooting wildlife, portraits or events this is the weapon to have in your arsenal. I use it for more than 60% of my wedding shots, and with a closer focus now available, I'm even not using my macro lens as often. Only word of caution is to get some sticky tape for those pesky buttons. 


Hot in the city! Joe and Helen's wedding in Bristol City Centre

I'd been looking forward to Joe and Helen's wedding; set in the heart of my hometown Bristol, a lovely boat trip through the harbour, and ending up at one of my favourite boozers the Pump House.

Joe and Helen were keen to have lots of documentary images that told the story of their day - this is right up my street and I love to combine this approach with some cracking composition to create a great set of pictures for my clients.

They had a loving family and great set of friends all wishing them congratulations and it was lovely to be part of it. Dawn, from Nick Church Photography was also in attendance ensuring we had a number of angles at brilliant bits of the day. 

Joe and Helen were great fun, and good sports throughout the whole day - not least when walking from Bristol Register Office, all the way down to the docks to start our boat trip. We got some fantastic photos as we all walked through St Nick's Market, with Joe and Helen being clapped and cheered by onlookers.

Here are a selection of my favourites:


Laura and Harry's Wedding at Barley Wood in Wrington

I was honoured to be shooting the first wedding at this venue, ever! Harry and Laura were such a lovely couple when we met months before, so I was really looking forward to the day.

Everything came together perfectly, and Amie at Barley Wood ran a tight ship in the background, and calm and smiley in the foreground - perfect combination :-)

Harry and Laura were fantastic to work with, both relaxed and happy to work with me on any of my ideas, but also had some great ideas all of their own. This, combined with the gorgeous weather we had, and lovely guests made for a great set of pictures which I'm delighted with. Of particular note is the 'Wedding Selfie' that Harry, Laura and I have the trademark on, and the set of pictures late in the day in the gorgeous secret gardens of the Venue. 

I have seen several of these shots repeated by other photographers, which is very flattering :-)

Here's a selection of my favourites:

I love a thank you card

It was so lovely to receive this card from Harry and Laura, it really made my day. 

As well as some very kind compliments about the photos they said how much they love the album. I often debate about including an album as standard; most photographers do not as it does inevitably increase prices. But the idea of all the photos that I've spent two days editing ending up just on a USB stick in the drawer is sad. 

So that's my mind made up... a lovely album will always be in my standard packages. 


Harriet and Dan's Wedding at Polhawn Fort, Cornwall

R&R: Rum and Relaxation...

I have been looking forward to shooting at this venue for a long time. Polhawn Fort is an old armoury set on the cliffs just past Plymouth offering a beautiful, unique building with stunning grounds and a view to die for!. The military history also made it a perfect for this weekend's couple Daniel and Harriet (and a large number of the guests) who work in the Royal Navy.

My assistant and I arrived the evening before and took the opportunity to have a quick recce of the venue and were able to meet Dan and Harriet for the first time in the flesh. Such a lovely welcoming couple, and I knew already it would be a friendly, warm wedding and I could not wait!

Harriet was getting ready in nearby Plymouth so I travelled through the lovely countryside between the two venues, over the Tamar bridge to Plymouth. Preparations were in full flow, and I was immediately given a lovely cup of coffee and a warm croissant - future clients, please note :-)

It was a relaxed morning, and we got some lovely pictures together before I reversed my earlier journey and headed to the venue. 

At the Fort, Dan was read, preparations had gone well as the venue looked amazing. I was welcomed by Charlie the dog and his slightly wonky bow-tie. I'd missed the groomsmen's skinny dip down on the beach earlier that morning, but that was probably for the best. 

For this incredible location, the weather was just perfect - Bright but cloudy, with bursts of sunshine that would produce the most incredible effects across the sea if I could get the timing right. Dan and Harriet were really compliant which made for natural and relaxed images which are right up my street!

As the rum flowed through the afternoon, it was a warm, fun, friendly affair and was a pleasure to shoot it. Congratulations Dan and Harriet, and thanks for making us so welcome...

Here are a selection of my favourite pictures: Family and Friends can order professional prints from:

Technical Talk: Assistance please...

This was the first wedding that my assistant and partner Dawn had attended. It was great to have someone to help with organising things, especially in this venue where there was a lot of running around between outside and inside. 

Dawn is also a very good photographer, talented at catching moments that combine to make great photos. Prime example; the picture with Dan throwing his Son, Noah, high into the air, Dan's friends fooling around in the romance of the day, and Charlie the dog tearing around. All in one photo!

Having a different view from a 2nd shooter also creates some natural alternatives to the group shots; it allows these more formulaic images to be captured from the side in a more natural way. The downside, is that you get 2 lots of images to edit. Dawn becomes less interested when there is editing to do :-(


Nick Church Photography

Mel & Phil's Wedding at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon

The Wrong Trousers and other Chaos

I was looking forward to yet another visit to lovely Coombe Lodge in Blagdon. And, yet again, it was a glorious sunny winter day. Great news for the Bride and Groom, bit of a pain for a lowly Wedding Photographer. But anyway, it beats rain any day.

Mel and Phil relayed their plans to me a couple of weeks before during the consultation meeting that I like to have to get all the details sorted. And what a lot of details there were! 36 Children, 82 Adults, a Kids's Entertainer, Table Tennis and Fancy Dress. All at the same wedding! Oh, and a Star Wars cake.

I was not sure how it was going to work, but between Mel and Phil's excellent planning, their relaxed outlook on the day, and Coombe Lodge's excellent organisation, it all went like a dream.....

... up until about forty minutes before the ceremony when Phil realised he'd left his trousers at home, back in Bristol! I like a bit of a panic me, and when it's my own crises I do like to escalate the situation into a large drama; preferably with tears. But when shooting weddings, I become uncharacteristically calm, and this definitely has it's benefits. I immediately realised that Phil was not going to get back home and back in 40 minutes, not if he was going to escape jail or an early death. So the solution became clear - Dan (Best Man) had to donate his slightly smaller (sorry Phil) trousers so that he could bomb back home and get the trousers while Phil welcomed guests. They were slightly tight, but they did go on, and Dan found an even better amendment to the scheme, by getting someone else's trousers and make THEM go back to Bristol. The gig was back on.

The ceremony was incredible. Whether I was still a bit emotional from the trouser-sittulation, or some early hay-fever from the bouquets, but Mel and Phil's reactions when seeing each other for the first time that day was a gorgeous moment - tarnished only slightly by me clicking on high-speed to capture about 300 shots of it!

Trouser situation was sorted, the chaos went perfectly as planned and the day was a warm, funny, friendly and loving success. Mel and Phil had a HUGE wedding with more guests than I've worked with before, but I can see why; a fantastic couple well lovely by very many family and friends. Congratulations Mel and Phil, here are some of my favourite pictures.


Nicola and Dave's Wedding at Coombe Lodge

Sunny Somerset Wedding Photography between Christmas and New Year

Nicola and Dave could not have chosen a better day to get married - beautiful bright sunshine and a crisp winter day. It was also a useful opportunity for me to stop drinking Port and eating Cheese and get out and do some work!

I seem to have a knack for working with really lovely people, and Nic and Dave are no exception - and this was clearly shown by their family and friends that were a great bunch of people, and I was proud to be part of the day. Leo and Jessica their two children were a dream to work with too which was a bonus.

Coombe Lodge pulled out all the stops again - although to be fair, with it's stunning position and gorgeous architecture it can't do much wrong. But, the staff were on point again and kept things running really smoothly. 

Thanks again Nic and Dave and huge congratulations to you both, Leo and Jessica. Here's a selection of my favourites:


It's not all perfect skills at the top!

I was reading through some posts on BBC News, when I came across an article about a new Official Photography released by the Palace of The Queen and Prince of Wales. 

On first glance it's a great shot; good interaction between subjects, and nice lighting. Good work all round from incredible Photographer

(C) Photo Credit Nick Knight

(C) Photo Credit Nick Knight

I love the interaction between the two, and the contract in their formality. and the colours are just perfect. 

Now I know that us photographers are ridiculously critical about editing, and notice things that not only the average punter would not, but actually criticise some of the very things that people like about photographs. For example, I have always had many comments from pros about my taste for rather strong vignette, and quite high saturation of colours in some shots. But my clients have never mentioned this and in fact have often said they love the brightness I bring to weddings. Neither have they mentioned the lack of noise in my images or the perfect sharpness that my £1000 lenses produce. Anyway, I digress; another time perhaps.

But it was the editing in this image that drew my attention as it this seems to be a bit more rough around the edges that I expected. There is a very visible halo around their heads and down the left side of Charles' body which I assume as a result of increasing the exposure of the subjects while keeping the background nice and dark. We all do this, but the trick is to do it carefully and gently so that there are no edges or halos. I know that if I posted a wedding photo into some groups to which I belong, even the friendly ones, and asked for constructive criticism, I'm sure this would be pointed out as showing a bit heavy-handedness with the adjustment brush in Lightroom. And I'd tend to agree. 

Another thing is the dark blacks in the suit - I would personally have increased the shadows a little to bring out some of the detail that has been lost; but that's more of a taste issue I suppose.

Perhaps Mr Knight outsources his editing to someone else; certainly the work on his website is incredible. Or perhaps it's just a pleasant reminder to us that every image does not have to be perfect. And if an Official Image of our monarch has a few editing flaws, then perhaps we are spending too long in the digital darkroom, and should get to bed earlier - it clearly does not matter that much!


Ceri and Nick's Wedding at Bailbrook House, Bath

We laughed all the way to the burns unit....

I owe Nick and Ceri a rather massive thank you. They are a group of 3-4 couples that booked me a long time ago, back when I had very little portfolio and entrusted me with the biggest day's of their lives.

So I have been looking forward to repaying their commitment to Nick Church Photography by creating a stunning set of images for them.

I have met Ceri and Nick a few times in the lead up to the wedding, and it has been like meeting up with old friends every time. And I judging by the big warm feeling that followed them around all day at their wedding, I can imagine most people that meet them feel like this.

Bailbrook House in Bath is a gorgeous venue, and capped off the day brilliantly. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into editing their images, but here are some to be going on with. Particular highlight is Nick being very nearly burned alive thanks to Ceri's desire for a sparker-shot!

Congratulations Nick and Ceri, it was a genuine pleasure.

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?


I came across this excellent article that gives some excellent insight into what you can expect to pay for wedding photographers of various quality, and what your money should buy you in each case.♦-guide-to-uk-wedding-photography-prices/

This is really useful reading for anyone that is not sure on how much to spend on photography, and also useful for anyone that is not clear the amount of work that goes into a wedding on top of the actual wedding day.


Vow Magazine Feature on Nick Church Wedding Photography

I'm really pleased to have been interviewed by another magazine and love the article! This time it's Vow Magazine, which a really well-put together publication featuring fantastic advice, reviews and features for Brides and Grooms.

You can see the full, on-line version here: Read latest issue or view the article below.

'Rising Star' Feature in 'Professional Photo' Magazine

Nick Church, Bristol Wedding Photographer selected for Rising Star Feature

I am still buzzing from getting featured in my favourite magazine - a bit like playing for the football team you support I suppose.

Here is the article in full for those that have not seen it.

There are some more press releases coming up soon so watch this space!

Stephen and Kirsty's Wedding at Chippenham and Corsham

Proper English Weather, for a Welsh Bride and Ghanaian Groom

The day started at the lovely Methuen Arms, in Corsham. This was where the bridal party had been staying, and it was lovely to see Kirsty again. Her 3 children, Romeo, Finlay and Brianna, were totally gorgeous, and all amazing in front of the camera as can be seen. When Romeo saw me looking for something to shoot, he took off his glasses and put them on a table for me to do a nice close-up. Bless him!! 

The wet weather did not stop a really warm wedding at Chippenham Register Office before we moved back to Corsham Town Council for a brilliant after-show party. 

The afternoon and evening had a really clear feeling of two families coming together. There was a beautiful looking buffet of home-cooked food which looked stunning. I don't know if any of you have ever tried resisting food from Ghanaian women before. I don't recommend it - my initial polite refusal got a reaction like I had a huge eating disorder and I was eventually press-ganged into it by the very generous ladies. Wow! Best food at any wedding. Ever!

Great day, great music and two lovely big families. Thanks for making me part of it Stephen and Kirsty. Here's my faves from your day:

Technical Talk

I was not planning on staying too late into the evening. But with the poor weather, the natural light came down quicker than I'd hoped so I was running with On-Camera-Flash for a lot of the afternoon. I have always wondered how quickly speedlight batteries take to deplete. Now I know - about half-an-afternoon. With not many spares I was struggling, but thankfully they packed in only just as I'd finished. Too close for comfort and a lesson learned! 

Tricia and Nick's Wedding at Oldwalls, Gower

Champagne, laughter and a few tears...

I had never been to Oldwalls before and was really looking forward to this shoot. The wedding had a lovely atmosphere from the outset, which was made even better by lovely early-September weather for them. Nick and Tricia were so lovely together - happy, natural photos came very easily.

Tricia and Nick were a great couple to work with; really relaxed and happy to be ordered about by me in my quest to get some great shots in the bag, This was made more difficult by their large set of family and friends who were desperate to take the happy couple aside for rounds of congratulations and champagne. It was a fantastic day, and I returned back to Nick Church Photography HQ in Bristol with a smile on my face.... 

Here is a section of my favourite pictures... check out the Oldwalls tradition of the Bride, Groom and Best Man having a shot before entering the wedding breakfast!

Technical Talk

A venue like Oldwalls is often photographed and is photographed very well by very talented photographers. So I was on the hunt for some shots that added something a bit different. The shot across the lake used a prism to get a reflection of the trees and a bit of rainbow flare coming into the shot. I like the look of this, it reminds me of a light-leak from an old camera. 

I am being featured in Professional Photo magazine in a couple of weeks, and this shot across the lake gets top billing, across two pages. Quite right I say :-)

The Jagerbombs shot saw me jumping as quickly as possible behind the bar to catch this shot. I used a slow shutter speed and a bounced flash to freeze the motion. I think this gives it the dynamic (slightly chaotic) feel I was going for.