Nick Church: 'Rising Star' in Professional Photo Magazine

Featuring in the October issue

Featuring in the October issue

When working as a wedding photographer, trying to create work that is unique, creative and popular with clients is a really hard balancing act. Unlike many jobs, you do not have colleagues and peers to appraise your photos, give constructive guidance or help you develop technically or artistically. 

All you can go on is your own instinct of how you want your photos to look, and keep true to the style that makes you something different...and hope for the best!

So, full of this endless self-doubt, I was totally and delightfully floored to be contacted by  'Professional Photo' Magazine saying that they would like me to be featured in a 'Rising Star' feature. They have viewed and been really impressed by my work on my website, and also are fascinated by the speed at which I have created my thriving wedding photography business, and they think their readership would be equality interested.... let's hope so!

I cannot tell you how proud this makes me; I've never been very good at being part of the crowd and did not start this business to be just another high-street photographer (nothing wrong with that, at all, it always has it's place). Rather, I have clear ambition of where I want to be which is to provide a service to couples that are looking for something artistically and visually compelling for their wedding. And that means doing something a bit different; more contemporary and more stylish to create a visually strong and stunning set of images. Such positive recognition of this approach from such a great publication is brilliant. Onwards and upwards!