Kelly and Laurence at Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury

I met Kelly and Laurence about 6 months before the wedding at the consultation meeting that's part of my wedding packages. I was struck then about what a lovely couple this was and knew that we'd work together really well.

Great Tythe Barn is a gorgeous venue too, with a really beautiful ceremony room for Kelly to walk into with her Dad, with old stone walls and a lit canopy of twinkling fairly lights above.

Kelly and Laurence get gold stars for patience while I got some shots setup, but with plenty of cava and love in the air, it was all great. My approach is usually to get a scene setup, so I know what composition I'm looking for and then get my couples to walk into it naturally with no guidance on poses or anything else. For me this gets the most natural shots, and I'm so happy with this lot. Below are just some of the highlights - from midway through editing: