Nick Church

Natural, contemporary and creative; that's the approach we take at Nick Church Photography.  Whether it's a wedding, an architectural shoot or content for your website, you will get exceptional images that ensure you stand out from the crowd. 


I have arrived at photography in a rather non-conventional route, firstly studying Civil Engineering at Bristol University, before a career in software development where I headed-up an international software company based in Bristol and Mumbai. This set of experiences have honed my project management skills and it's ingrained in me to deliver beyond exceptions. I  remain calm under any pressure that a shoot can throw at me and so my clients value the fact that their wedding, event or commission is in responsible hands. My attention to detail and careful planning before a shoot allows me the time and composure to be creative, think outside the box and capture something stunning in the moment.

Clifton Rocks, Bristol by Nick Church

Landscape, Pembrokeshire, Wales by Nick Church

Architectural Commission Image by Nick Church

I have always had a love of art and found my first commercial success in this arena with my pen and ink fine-art drawings which led me to exhibiting my own fine-art photography.  Still now, when not working on a shoot, I keep myself creatively and technically challenged with my own projects. This means I am "match-fit" for your shoot and am able to stay current while keeping true to the style I love. 

I'm based in North Somerset on the outskirts of Bristol, but travel all over the UK for shoots, and beyond. Destination weddings and events are something I am increasingly being hired for and something I love to do. Picturesque landscapes, wonderfully vibrant events and travel are a perfect combination for me and my extensive experience of working overseas in project management are invaluable here. Architectural work is another natural area for me, combing my loves of engineering, creative art and photography, all in one hit!

The Way I Work

My approach for shoots is laid-back and relaxed, but professional. The calmness I bring to a wedding or event is due to the high level of project management and planning I've put in to get to that point. If I know I have everything under control with regards to what shots we are going to get, what the light is doing, how we're doing for time all means I can use my creativity to get the most stunning shots possible. 

I shoot naturally which means I let the real, love and connections between my clients to be captured in the photos. My skill here is to create the environment for this to develop organically so that you often will not really be aware of photography 'happening'. The result is the powerful, dynamic photography you can see in the Gallery.

The Future

I run Nick Church Photography full time, and am passionate about my work and my business. Looking forward I am committed to providing a consistent exceptionally high photography quality and service-level to current and future clients. I have ambitious plans to expand the business to widen further our client base for both commercial and weddings/events.

Nick Church Photography is frequently been featured in print media and I am now a guest writer for 'Professional Photo'; it's still a buzz to see my work in my favourite magazines. Kudos from the industry though guest-blog slots, podcasts and magazines gives me the confidence that Nick Church Photography has a special combination of creative output, relaxed shooting and professional business planning. It also offers many opportunities for my clients' wedding photos to be featured in international publications which is such a great compliment for us all. 

It's a hugely exciting time for Nick Church Photography and I am grateful to all my clients for their trust, investment and commitment to getting the best photography. I'm looking forward to the next meeting or phone call so I can add you to the list of people that it is a genuine pleasure to meet. Check the calendar of events below, if I'm near you, please come and say hello.

Nick Church