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Nick Church Photography Education provides all you need to create stunning photos, take your work to a new level or create a thriving photography business. Featuring targeted mentored coaching sessions to compliment deliver of content, it is a more successful, more efficient way to get to where you want to go.

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Nick Church Photography Education

Just like my photography, I like to provide something different with my courses. Rather than a tidal-wave of one-size-fits-all content I provide targeted, one-to-one (or small group) coaching and mentoring where we build up the knowledge and skills at a pace driven by you. Whether a short photo-walk or a business planning session, this gets you exactly where you want to be, and as quickly as possible
— Nick Church
landscape photography training

Landscape & Business

Wedding Photography Training

Wedding & Professional

Beginner amateur photography training

Beginner & Amateur

Each new area is backed up with valuable practical sessions so you leave with a built-in understanding of what we have learned allowing you to hit the ground running after the course. 

Our range of courses are designed to suit every photographer, whether you are just starting out and want to explore photography, all the way through to professional wedding photographers that want to take their business onwards and upwards through stronger images, business planning and winning branding and marketing.

Through my education programmes, our attendees’ successes are built from directly from my own experiences. From first picking up a camera, through to leaving my corporate career took just three years and I now live and breathe creativity through photography by creating stunning images that my clients love. My coaching and mentoring enables you to do the same
— Nick Church

Courses Available

Brief description of our courses below. Please click the heading or ‘More Information’ for more details and pricing.

landscape photography Walking Tours

The quickest way to shoot your favourite locations with expert guidance from Nick Church taking your photos to the next level

Lightroom Master

  • Overview - Adobe Lightroom is a game-changer for photographers used to managing files and editing in Photoshop or other editing app. Lightroom does all the leg-work of managing your images and provides professional editing functionality. There is a lot of power in Lightroom, that most photographers do not know about, and this workshop shows you around and get you delivering professional images that your clients will love in no time. You will also get a unique insight into Lightroom editing workflows that will allow you to manage 1000s of images quickly and efficiently

  • Who is it for - Photographers of any genre that want to learn everything about Lightroom and how it will create order to their image collections and provide professional editing facilities. This is included in Wedding Photography Master and Landscape Photography Master courses

  • Formats - 1 day face-t0-face workshop

Absolute Beginners

  • Overview - The best camera is the one you have with you right now. Having a DSLR or Compact camera is by no means a guarantee of good photos. Photography is more vision, composition and about being confident in working with the technology you have. This hands-on course will get you taking instinctive, great photos that capture a moment or a scene. We cover some basics first then get out and about so I can guide you all along the way to capture your first stunning shots.

  • Who is it for - Anyone with a camera or phone that needs some initial direction into the world of photography. Whether taking better photos of the children or grandchildren, or someone that is developing a passion for photography but would like to get the basics covered before moving on with other courses.

  • Formats - Face-to-face 1-day workshop and photo tour

Zero to Hero

  • Overview - Providing attendees all the knowledge needed to get out there and let their passion take them wherever they want to go. As well as all the content included in Absolute Beginners, you’ll learn about how to use your camera settings to create better photos while still keeping things automatic, simple edits you can make to make your shots more dynamic and how to share and display your shots. By the end of the course you will be taking, editing and sharing some amazing images to unsuspecting family and friends.

  • Who is it for - New photographers, amateur photographers that are returning to the subject following a break or photographers that want an introduction to some of the more advanced courses we offer. Attendees that have attended the ‘Absolute Beginners’ course can skip the first day.

  • Formats - Face-to-face 2-day workshop and photo tour. Includes Absolute Beginners course

photography Master

  • Overview - Time to engage with your creativity as a photographer and take your work to the next level. Covering photography theory and technique, camera technologies, composition and editing to an advanced level – everything you need on your journey towards being a successful photographer. By combining theory, practical and artistic elements you will get everything you need to start creating stunning work and get it seen by the world. By the end of the course you will feel empowered with knowledge and will be able to better identify your creative vision for a shot and critically know how to realise it with your camera. From here you can create beautiful shots as a hobby, or perhaps take a follow-on course to start earning an income from your photography or use your new skills to take your photography business upwards. The sky is the limit.

  • Who is it for - Anyone serious about taking their photography onwards. From serious amateurs that want their work to match the passion they have for the subject, though to professionals that feel they lack some of the technical skills and stunning work they see their peers have. This is the course that will give you all the tools and information to unleash your creativity and success.

  • Formats - Face-to-face 2-day workshop and separate Wedding or Commercial Coaching day

Wedding photography Master

  • Overview - Building on top of the technical expertise from the Photography Master Course and including the ‘Lightroom Master’ course, this session gives you all the skills you need to specifically make an impact in the wedding photography industry. Lens, composition, and settings choice for various scenarios, shooting style, client interaction, marketing, business, advertising, branding and workflows as well as efficient editing workflows for 1000s of images using Adobe Lightroom to deliver your stunning photos. After this course, you will have all the skills you need to make a success in wedding photography

  • Who is it for - Photographers looking to move into shooting weddings. As a pre-requisite, attendees need to have attended the Photography Master course, or have all that knowledge by other means

  • Formats - Face-to-face 2-day workshop and separate Wedding or Commercial Coaching day. Includes Lightroom Master course

Photography Business Development

  • Overview - Deciding on photography as a career? Having a business plan with a visible sales pipeline, marketing strategy and branding are just some of the things you need to ensure you can quit the 9-5 successfully. Running your own photography business needs you to wear many different hats; salesman, accountant, marketeer, designer, project manager. Throughout Nick’s corporate career he managed several companies to great success, including finally his own photography business. By the end of the course you will have a newfound energy, drive and clarity about what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how you will guarantee success of your venture into a photography career.

  • Who is it for - Anyone looking to move into photography as a profession, while minimising financial risk and maximising success

  • Formats - Face-to-face 2-day workshop

succeeding with FAcebook Ads

  • Overview - I have developed a method for successful acquisition of bookings using Facebook’s Advertising Platform. There is NO better way to get in front your perfect client and I used this technique to book my first 100 weddings. By the end of your course, you will have your own advert running and by the end of the next day you will have concrete enquiries coming in

  • Who is it for - Photographers that want to get a immediate increase in bookings, or those that have tried Facebook Ads before unsuccessfully but now want to get it right

  • Formats - ½ day Remote Workshop or 1/2 day face-t0-face workshop

MAstering Flash

  • Overview - "‘I’m a natural light photographer’ or ‘I don’t like flash’. We’ve all said this at some point, and it simply means we are not confident at using artificial light effectively or reliably. This course changes all of that, and will have you shooting stunning shots from the dance-floor full of energy and atmosphere. By the end of the course you will no longer need to use trial and error to get the shots you want. You will be able to use flash for beautifully natural shots and have all the tools needed to get creative and find your style

  • Who is it for - Photographers battling with using flash to create natural, creative work that communicates warmth, character and atmosphere and no a crime-scene

  • Formats - 1 day face-t0-face workshop

Landscape photography Master

  • Overview - Building on top of the technical expertise from the Photography Master Course and including the Lightroom Master course, this session gives you all the skills you need to specifically create stunning landscape images. Lens, composition, and settings choice as well as detailed editing using Adobe Lightroom to create stunning artwork.

  • Who is it for - Photographers passionate about landscape photography that want to take their work to a very high level. As a pre-requisite, clients need to have attended the Photography Master course, or have all that knowledge by other means

  • Formats - Face-to-face 2-day workshop including photo-tour. Includes Lightroom Master course

Tailored Courses

Some courses can be run together. For example, Wedding Photography Master can be followed by Photography Business Master. Reductions in price are available when combining courses in this way.

You may feel that you would like something different to the courses described above, or perhaps would like to combine some elements from a couple of courses into one workshop. That’s no problem, get in touch so we can discuss your needs

Course Formats

Perfect for one-to-one sessions or groups of up to 6 attendees

Courses delivered in a variety of ways to give you flexibility around your life and work commitments:

Face-to-Face Workshop at Nick Church Photography HQ

I can welcome attendees to my studio facility. Based just outside Bristol and near the M5, transport links are excellent as are opportunities to go out taking photos. We have parking, refreshments and lunch is provided.

Face-To-Face Workshop at your home or workplace

Nick Church Photography HQ, near Bristol and M5/J19

Depending on attendee’s location, time and other commitments, travelling to the Nick Church Photography HQ may be impractical. All you need to provide is workspace (kitchen table is just fine) and some coffee and I’ll come to you. This is especially good for businesses and organisations as we minimise disruption to your working day.

Remote Sessions

Some courses can be run remotely, which is useful for attendee’s living a greater distance away. We can even break up the course into more bite-size chunks, for example to fit in with bits of time taken from work.

Wedding or Commercial Coaching Day

Unique to Nick Church Photography Education, some courses includes a Wedding or Commercial Coaching day where you spend a day with Nick Church on a shoot, and will get tuition about the shots that are being taken, the lens choices made, client interaction and everything else that will better prepare you for your first solo gig.

Kind Words

The way Nick explained things is just brilliant. He is really clear, patient and knowledgeable and manages to keep it fun and upbeat. During the day we skipped a lot of the stuff I knew, and focussed on the areas I was less confident in, this flexibility was really appreciated. My confidence on shoots is now so much higher, and I feel in control of my camera for the first time, rather than it controlling me! Thank you Nick
— Charlotte Johnstone
Nick, I need to tell you… since completing the Facebook Ads course yesterday, I’ve just taken two bookings already and have three meetings with couples set up. I can’t tell you the amount of money I’ve wasted on courses in the past, this has been a game-changer!
— Steve Westbrook