Guyer's House Wedding Photography: Lara & Nick

Nick and Lara are very cool - simple as that. This was evident from the minute they bought me a beer when we first met, and from this point onwards I decided I was going to let them work with me!

As we talked about their wedding, I was already sensing that this was going to be a good one. The venue (Guyers House, stunning), the Humanist outdoor ceremony at the end of the venue’s amazing foxglove-lined avenue, Lara’s designer dress from Eliza Jane Howell and her and Nick being such lovely, relaxed people was going to make for something special. Good news for my blog too I thought, but that’s what’s so amazing about weddings; whatever plan you make, keep it flexible as you never know what will happen on the day.... and we definitely didn't!

Wedding Removals Plc are going from strength to strength in a competitvive market sector

Wedding Removals Plc are going from strength to strength in a competitvive market sector

This is good point to mention that I am going to start writing longer blog articles, with many more photos so that the story of the day really shines through. It also gives future clients a better view of a whole wedding and the consistent, high quality of photography that they can expect from Nick Church Photography on their day.

The situation before Lara and Nick's ceremony was perfect. The weather was warm but not hot, Guyers House was looking incredible with all the flowers in bloom and everyone was friendly and happy for the occasion. Nick and Lara are surrounded by amazing people, and this really shows in how they are. The only possible fly in the ointment was the singer that was due to perform a solo during the ceremony was stuck in traffic. As I always say in these situations, if that’s the worst thing that happens today, then we’re doing 'ok'. We pressed on.

The outdoor ceremony was just stunning. As Lara walked up the flower-lined avenue with Phuzz, to gentle accompanied piano music the emotions were running high. My lens-cleaning cloth came in handy while I had a quick dab at the old peepers which were filling up - hayfever I think. 

In the nick (and Lara) of time...

In the nick (and Lara) of time...

Our very professional musician arrived literally on cue, and without missing a beat or looking out of breath, launched into a lovely solo piece as the rings were passed around and blessed ('warmed') by the guests. 'Well, this is all just flipping lovely, isn't it?' I thought, until I looked at the horizon. It would appear that we were situated two fields away from Mordor! There was some terrifying clouds coming our way, and before I could subtly tell our Humanist celebrant to crack on sharpish, the wind was whipping up a storm. Hats, dresses and perfect hair was getting blown all over the place, but was our Humanist Celebrant Pamela phased by this? Nope. No panic, no rushing, no fuss. “Everyone grab a chair, we’re going inside for another wedding”, she ordered, and that was that. She is brilliant!

So while everyone picked up their chair and rushed back up the avenue back to Guyers House, I was busy snapping this brilliant scene unfolding, and definitely not falling into a bush in the excitement - that would be unprofessional.

Back inside Guyers House, Pamela hosted ceremony Number Two. Continuing on from the last, there was a ‘Tying the Knot’ where the couple's hands are literally tied together in union, which set the emotions running high again. Everyone looked a bit flushed and weather-worn, except Nick and Lara, who looked happy, calm and totally in love. 

Moving outside after this (second) ceremony, it was like it had all been a dream; you could not imagine a warmer, calmer, sunnier day. The rest of the event went without a hitch, and the venue and late summer sun gave us the opportunities to get some amazing photos of the Nick and Lara and guests.

It was a privilege to be part of this day, and one I will not forget. I hope the following pictures tell the story, and do the day the justice it deserves.