Nick Church Photography Training Review

Last week I completed Nick Church’s ‘From Zero to Hero’ beginner’s photography course and it was brilliant, I loved it! Nick was great to learn from, making sure that we went through everything at the right speed which must have been hard when I was being thick!

I used to own a half-decent camera when I was at university but camera and my skills have since gone rusty and I decided I needed some expert guidance to pick up from where I left off and this course was bought for me by my very generous friends. They said that when they asked for recommendations, Nick’s name came up several times, and he was just up the road too.

Nick was on the case even before we started the course, by helping me choose a camera and lens for me. I was so pleased as I would definitely have got the wrong type. 

Over the two days, Nick gave me a huge amount of information but at no point did I feel overwhelmed by it at all - I think Nick was probably making sure he did not give me too much in one go, rather than me being super-smart though ;-). I have learned so much about the camera and how to frame things to make the shot interesting.

The way Nick teaches is lovely, he keeps it to just the bits that you need and explains things a different way if you do not get it first time. Over the two days we have loads of opportunity to practice everything and this is what clicked for me, and by the end of the course walking around the Marina in Portishead it all came together like magic. I am looking through the photos I took on that day, and I just can’t believe I took them. I have definitely got my passion for photography back! Thank you so much Nick, I will be recommending you to everyone!
— Joanna Chandler