Nick Church Photography working with healthcare outreach charity HIPZ

Many people will know that for some time I have been considering a photojournalistic project to document and highlight the truly incredible work that is delivered by volunteer healthcare professionals overseas in regions where is is most desperately needed.

I am therefore really excited to announce that I am working with HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar), a UK-based charity providing a vital healthcare service to people in Zanzibar to provide photography for the organisation’s fundraising activities.

HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar)

Despite it’s idyllic geography, Zanzibar is an incredibly poor country with a tough life for its inhabitants. in 2006 1 in 7 children would die of treatable conditions, 1 in 235 women would die during childbirth. Since HIPZ was established and took over two barely-functioning hospitals from the Zanzibar government, these rates have improved twofold and the life-expectancy of the population has dramatically increased.

You can find more information, and opportunity to support the organisation here: Health Improvement Project Zanzibar

Among the charities notable supporters is patron Peter André and his wife Emily who both provide their time to HIPZ.

Fundraising Dinner and Performance by Peter André


I will be photographing this event at Somerset Cricket Club in Taunton on Friday 26th October. You can also support the organisation and buy tickets for the event here: Event Bride Tickets

Working with HIPZ and getting to learn how the remote operations work for organisations like this is a really exciting step in my vision for my photojournalism project and I am looking forward to bringing more news in this area in the near future. Watch this space!

In my job as a photographer you get to meet a huge variety of people, and to be able to add the dedicated people of HIPZ to all the amazing couples that I work with when shooting weddings is wonderful.