Nick Church's interview on 'The Business of Photography' is now live!

How to Constantly Grow your Photography Business Every Week with Nick Church

Click image to listen to the interview...

Click image to listen to the interview...

Recorded about a month ago, the interview I did with Bryan Caporicci, CEO of Sprout Studio photography management platform and host of the 'Business of Photography' Podcast is now live. The podcast which has 60,000 subscribers world-wide has won Apple's 'Best of iTunes' award and it has been a great source of inspiration and knowledge for me as I grew Nick Church Photography. So to be featured myself is just amazing, and a great privilege. 

You can listen to the episode here: How to Constantly Grow your Photography Business Every Week with Nick Church, but you can also subscribe through your usual podcast platform too. 

In the interview I talk about my approach to building my business, which was based on proven software development project management techniques, involving constant appraisal of your performance, allowing you to stop doing the things that are not working, and do more of the things that are. Using small chunks of time to do this, you can make changes quickly, and before bad things happen.

I hope this is helpful to people that may be either early on in their photography business, or are looking to make 2018 the year it moves to the next level. I have plans in the future to run a series of workshops that develop and exercise these ideas allowing people to plan their own business improvement.. watch this space.

For more information about starting your own photography business, there is some amazing advice in this article over at ShootDotEdit: How to Start a Photography Business: The Wedding Photographer's Guide