Nick Church on 'The Beginner Photography Podcast' series

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When I started my journey into photography, I needed so much information that I did not know where to start. I reached out at the time to around 50 photographers and only one, the awesome Albert Palmer, came back to me and we had the most valuable time asking him questions over a coffee.

I told myself at that time, that if I ever made photography a success, I would be that guy, the one that will help others, not afraid of competition, and just keen to collaborate. And so I was really thrilled to be featured on Raymond’s podcast, which he runs alongside his successful photography business in Indiana.

His subscribers/listeners are photographers that are in various stages of their own story, perhaps considering a move to full-time, but are facing the exact things I did a few years ago. If I can give some advice, or perhaps steer them away from some of the mistakes I made, then that would be awesome.

It was also my first video interview, which I loved doing, and will provide my nearest and dearest with lots of opportunity to ruin me with jokes, it’s fine, I can take it :-)

It will be aired late February, so watch this space for a link to view it when it’s live.