Here it is: The Nick Church Podcast Double-Bill

Since the podcasts two weeks ago, I have had literally countless messages asking when I’m next on a podcast.

“Nick, when are you next on a podcast, for goodness sake, I cannot get enough of your intellectually inspirational content” said one listener, making me blush slightly. “It’s not just the content, but I love to listen to your smooth, silky tones and look at your handsome picture” they continued.

Their words remember, not mine.

Well for those people, and that man in particular, I bring good news. Very good news indeed. There are two new podcast interviews coming out, one today and one tomorrow!

The Podcasts (Click the photo to listen)

Today: Interview with the excellently eccentric Ben Hartley, an international award-winning wedding photographer based in Ohio, US and host of ‘Six Figure Photography Podcast’ .

Tomorrow: Interview with the awesome Chamira Young, internationally acclaimed artist, designer and photographer, and body of ‘Pro Photographer Journey Podcast’

Nick Church: Live Now


Photographer Journey

Nick Church: Live 8th March 2019