Nick Church Photography partners with Somserset Massage and Fitness trainer

Nick Church Commercial Photography: Massage Anna Szekely

It’s a great feeling to work with talented professionals that are passionate about their business, and there are none more so than Anna Szekely, a massage therapist and fitness trainer based in North Somerset.

Whether I’m working with a large or small business, I aim to bring the same approach that I do for wedding photography which is to get to understand exactly what the photos need to communicate and then guide the shoot so it runs naturally and creates genuine moments from the client. These are always the most powerful images, and as a side-effect it’s more fun, enjoyable and relaxed.

I first met Anna during another commercial shoot and I was struck by her drive and excitement for her business, so to have an opportunity to work together was fantastic.

We were hosted on the day by one of my partner venues Barley Wood, gorgeous wedding and events venue, who looked after us and provided Anna with one of their impressive rooms. We were also joined by amazing Agata who stepped in as model for the day. Between the two of them, Anna and Agata then knocked it out of the park!