Nick Church Light Blue Software Discount Extended

Pro photographers have another five months to take advantage of my exclusive Light Blue Software discount

Get 25% off when purchasing Light Blue Software and subscribing to online services with offer code NickChurch25. Now extended until 31st October 2019

Here at Nick Church Photography we place value in keeping organised with our shoots, our clients and our business.

Key to how effectively any business can do this is the software systems in place to support it, and for us Light Blue Software is running 24/7 under the hood taking care of everything.

Light Blue Software is a brilliantly clever CRM System developed in the UK and is created by photographers for photographers. Since starting Nick Church Photography, Light Blue has managed our clients and shoots, tracks invoicing and expenses and even integrates with our email and SMS so that every client interaction is professionally handled. All this means that we can concentrate on taking photos, which is after all the most important thing!

Light Blue Software offer a FREE trial so you can put the product through its paces before you commit, and should you decide to purchase, don’t forget to use offer code NickChurch25 (details below)

Offer Code Conditions:

Use offer code "NickChurch25" to save 25% when buying Light Blue and subscribing to their online services before the end of 31st October 2019