Nick Church Live on Photographer's Summit Q&A

Nick Church Live on Photographer’s Summit Q&A in the US

Following Nick Church’s podcast interview on the Beginner Photography Podcast last year, he has been invited back for an exclusive interactive session for members of the Beginner Photography Podcast Facebook Group.

In this Facebook Live event later this evening, Nick will be answering questions and giving (hopefully) helpful advice to new photographers from all over the world. Exciting!

The Beginner Photography Podcast is a fantastic resource for photographers keen to learn photography and get inspiration from professionals. The associated Facebook Group is a great place to hang out and I heartily recommend it, with lots of people supporting each other though the early stages of their photography journey. For those that are beyond the early stages and looking to take their photography or their business to the next level, don’t forget about the Nick Church Photography Collective Facebook Group.

While the Facebook Live event is exclusive to members of the Facebook Group, there will be a podcast available too which will be shared when available.