Claire and Nick, Pynes House Wedding Photography

This was one of the weddings that I did with Nick Church Photography lead shooter Geraint - so as many of these shots are down to him as well as me.

Pynes House in Exeter, Devon is a really lovely venue. The owners still live in part of the house and allow the other half of the gorgeous building to be used for weddings.

The weather looked great as we arrived, although as a reminder of which country we live in, the clouds threatened to spoil the plans for the outdoor ceremony. But as we all know sunny weather comes as standard with Nick Church Photography packages, and sure enough it sorted itself out for showtime.

Nick and Claire were such a lovely couple to work with. Really laid back, and relaxed and were happy to go with the flow and try a few things when we were taking photos. Not least Geraint’s suggestion of me getting right under the veil with Nick (the other Nick) and Claire and catching a lovely moment as they kissed the veil. It was pretty confined in there, and I was lucky to avoid being caught up in the action.

Up close and personal with Nick and Claire

Up close and personal with Nick and Claire

As you always find with weddings, when the couple are lovely and relaxed, so are all the guests. Here was no exception, everyone was so welcoming to us, and we were just made to feel part of the wedding.

I should mention the pageboy which my Grandmother would have called a ‘cheeky rascal’. He was the funniest little thing. Even before the ceremony, but sadly after he’d got ready, he was covered in dust from rolling about in the drive way. Hilarious!!

I think the suit-hire deposit may have been lost here…

I think the suit-hire deposit may have been lost here…

A great day was had by all, not least Geraint and I, and it was with the satisfaction of a job well done that we plodded our way back up the M5.

Here is a selection of my favourite shots from the wedding:

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