Rockbeare Manor Wedding Photography Blog: Joanna and Steve

Rockbeare Manor Wedding Photography Blog: Joanna and Steve

It was the hottest Bank Holiday Monday every in the history of the universe and along with lucking out on the weather, they had chosen the lovely Rockbeare Manor nr Exeter so I had a feeling we were going to get some amazing photos for them to remember their day. 

I had Geraint Roberts with me as my assistant, and this always makes for a good, creative day as we can bounce ideas off each other and get in two places at once for difference angles. If you have already booked Nick Church Photography, do let me know if an additional photographer is something that you are interested in and we can discuss. 

The ceremony was just so elegant - with a couple of Joanna's friends proving music on a piano and violin, with the sunlight streaming in and two people that are clearly were always meant to be together. It was a lovely thing to witness. Just when you might think the emotion could not ramp higher, there was a deed-poll ceremony where Joanna's daughter Sophie, like Jo, took Steve's surname. Good lord, I was a mess! it was hay-fever again!!

Geraint and I had different angles for the ceremony, and both were able to get some stunning images. 

After the ceremony, Steve and Jo headed off quick-smart to who knows where. I asked the events Manager was was told "Steve has gone to stand in the walk-in fridge for a bit as he's hot". Us photographers don't need much more than that and I was off for a cracking shot of them chilling out (sorry). 

As the day unfolded it became clear that is was far too bright to take shots of Joanna and Steve together  - Geraint was chomping at the bit to get some shots of them when the sun had gone down, and how right he was. The shots we got of Jo and Steve walking through the grounds are amazing, some of the best we've every captured.


I am over the moon with the images that we will deliver, and I feel so proud to be able to do so for them and their family. Here are some of my favourites... enjoy:

As always, the day is made special by the very many suppliers that we work with. In particular, apart from the venue team, it was great to work with