Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire Wedding Photography blog: Aaron & Jamie

Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire Wedding Photography Blog: Aaron & Jamie

These two! I have rarely seen a couple with more love and affection for each other, a couple truly destined to be together. They met on the train home after rather unsuccessful respective dates. Something, as is so often the case, was just meant to be.

Despite living in Bedfordshire they chose the incredible Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire for their wedding venue. But with most guests staying for the wedding weekend, it was a perfectly, secluded choice for a romantic getaway. 

The attention to detail that they put into the wedding was fantastic. So much thought went into everything that would make their day theirs, and that would give their guests a wonderful weekend with them.

This couple got ready together, welcomed their guests together and walked up the aisle together - which seemed right in every way. 

Aaron sadly lost his Mother not too long before the wedding, but she was lovingly remembered at every stage, through all the speeches and right down to a small photo of her on Aaron’s lapel. But along with the tears, there was laughter, happiness and love stamped throughout the occasion and it was a privilege for Nick Church Photography to be a small part of it.

With best ladies, best men and a wonderful, kind, and thoughtful couple putting their very own spin on the day, it was the sort of wedding that I love to be a part of and consider myself fortunate to be able to work at so many weddings like this.

I have selected a set of photos that really tell the story of their day. Enjoy :-)