Orchardleigh Estate, Somerset Wedding Photography: Camille & Graeme

Orchardleigh Estate, Somerset Wedding Photography: Camille & Graeme

Camille and Graeme chose to have their wedding day at Orchardleigh Estate, a beautiful venue in South Somerset near Frome. There are two separate areas within the estate for weddings, the main house featured here, and the walled garden which I visited just this weekend and will post about in the future.

Camille was getting ready at the venue, but the ceremony was to be at Lullington Church just a few minutes drive away. There was a last-minute crisis as Camille was about to leave for the Church as there was an invisible bra-strap missing! I carry a few bits and bobs like tape, superglue, but as a rule I do not carry underwear so there was a mad-dash back to their home which was thankfully only 10 minutes away.

Crisis averted, other than making rate bridal party 20 minutes late for the Church and me nearly taking off on a hump-back bridge as I raced to get there ahead of them to capture their arrival.

Camille and Graeme’s guests were such a lovely bunch, and a really interesting mixture of Scottish, Cornish and Somerset which made for a healthy does of banter throughout the day, to which I’m quite partial.

Later in the afternoon as the sun lowered, we did some relaxed shots of them together. It was a lovely time away from the crowds and using the attractive decking area at Orchardleigh we captured some really great shots using the perspective of the space which I love.

As the day rumbled on wonderfully, my main thoughts were the fireworks that were to come at the end of the day. Always a stressful situation for a photographer due to not being able to test first, and only having about 1 minute to do all the testing, shooting and variations and if you mess it up there is no repeating it! But I was so happy with the shots we got. Camille and Graeme stood in front the fireworks with lots of light-trails and smoke. Perfect. Secret: I did rope in some of the younger guests to help me ‘test’ the lighting setup beforehand. Thanks guys!!

This selection of images tells there story really nicely, I hope you enjoy looking through them.